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My specialized coaching and mentoring programs are designed to increase all areas in your player’s development and help them take their game to the next level. As a professional player with the San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers organizations; I know first-hand how important it is to have a coach you can trust with you on the field, in the cage, and in your ear.

From private instructional hitting and defensive lessons, to acting as a player-mentor to developing players; I help baseball players get in top physical, mechanical, mental and emotional shape.

Consistent, private lessons are key to a player’s development.

Private Lessons

I work with players specifically in the North Orange County (CA) area, typically ages 8-20. My lessons are no-nonesense and designed for the serious player with maximizing their potential in mind. Every baseball player should find a person they trust and feel comfortable with.

In my years as a professional, I've had the tremendous opportunity to work with some of the best mechanical instructors and coaches on the planet. Breaking down your players' mechanics and giving them the ability to gain repetitions that will lead to consistency is extremely important.


My ultimate goal is to have all my players reach their desired goal. If a player has a goal to reach the major leagues or simply make their high school team, take advantage of my mentoring program. I want all my players to step into the box or the field and be as confident as they can be. 

Our physical, and mechanical development is important, but our mental development is crucial to becoming the player we desire to be. In addition to my private lesson packages, I provide a mentorship package to my students as well.

Think of me as your personal coach.

My mentorship package is designed for the player looking to improve not only their physical game, but their mental and emotional approach to the game as well.

  • Custom-built and personalized game plan 
  • Personal game attendance to watch live at-bats
  • defense/pitching approach
  • Game planning and mental plate approach
  • Private, 1-1 fielding instruction
  • Custom recording sessions where I provide audio interviews for my students to review their personal goals 
  • Confidence building   

Your Mental Hitting Game

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